Bento Box Dinner (minus the box!)

In the top left-hand corner we have a homemade buckwheat pasta (my take on soba noodles). As you can see, I've been taking full advantage of my new Kitchen Aide Pasta maker attachment. I just subbed out half of the  all-purpose flour for buckwheat flour. These were a breeze to make and just took a few minutes in boiling water to cook. In the bottom left-hand corner, we have stir-fried shishito peppers with shitake mushrooms, carrots and tofu. Shishito peppers are delicious, mild Japanese peppers that are available at your local Japanese market. I got mine at the Mitsuwa on the corner of Venice and Centinela, for those of you Angelenos out there. So far we have our soft, silky noodles, our meaty mushrooms, our crisp peppers… all we're missing now is the crunchy and the creamy of our meal. For our crunchy  element, I made curry potato korokke (Japanese croquettes) with some leftover mashed potatoes I had on hand. I coated them with flour, egg then panko and fried them until they were golden brown. The creaminess of the meal comes from the spicy dipping sauce I made for the korokke. It was a simple aioli that I flavored with sriracha. Hope you enjoyed my presentation of a bento box dinner minus the box! :) Happy eating!


  • Smith

    04 Dec 2007 09:12 am

    I dig the presentation on this a lot. I always get hungry when I see you’ve updated…

  • Singing Horse

    05 Dec 2007 04:12 am

    [this is good] Wow, this looks really lovely and tasty!  You’re making me so hungry…

  • rocksnightly

    06 Dec 2007 12:12 pm

    [this is good] I could eat this everyday.

  • bb

    07 Dec 2007 06:12 am

    Wow, looks delicious. Way to go on making your own noodles!


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