Charmoula Shrimp Skewers

On a recent catering event, Dylan and I totally fell in love with Susan's charmoula marinade. We were downright enthusiastic, threatening to eat it by the spoonful (okay, that was mostly Dylan). Herby, punchy and especially delicious on seafood, it came to mind immediately when I found out one of my dinner guests was anti-red meat. Apparently, lamb is red meat according to B. Surprise, surprise.

I did a bit of research and ended up using Suzanne Goin's recipe for charmoula (also spelled chermoula). As kitchen mishaps go, I overdid the paprika and my marinade tasted straight bitter. The kind of bitter that makes you want to wipe your tongue off. Oh no. How did I ruin it??? I was about to scrap the whole thing when the marinade Gods answered my distress. Susan just happened to called at that very moment to save me from charmoula melt down. Is that fate or what? She suggested some ground coriander and ginger which the recipe had omitted. I also added a tad bit of almond blossom honey to balance it out. Hmm… no more bitterness to be tasted. Nice save, Susan!

Since there was lemon juice in the charmoula and I didn't want the acid to cook the shrimp, I marinated my shrimp just before skewering. All it took was a few minutes on each side under the broiler. I served it alongside Israeli couscous with peas and mint.

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  • Purplesque

    01 Mar 2009 06:03 am

    [this is good] Wow..the charmoula sounds a lot like the Indian green chutney, which I sometimes use as a marinade for tandoori paneer tikka. Your food looks awesome as usual. :)


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