Cheese Please!

Growing up, I thought grilled cheese only came one way – the way my dad would make it. He would take two slices of white bread, slap a slice of American cheese in between the two and pan fry it. I still love it that way, but like to make it a healthier, more palate-pleasing meal by throwing in some veggies. With all the different types of cheeses out there, the sky's the limit! For this simple meal, my grilled cheese was dressed up with baby spinach, tomatoes and a smoky chipotle white cheddar cheese.


  • kristina

    11 May 2007 10:05 am

    [this is good] jules, everything you post looks the MOST delicious. this comment has less to do with grilled cheese (though your sandwich does look spectacular), and more to do with BANANA-RAMA BREAD. you must post the recipe for the one you sent to work with brock today. it is unbearably good. it is staring at me right now. it wants me to eat all of it. 

  • julie

    12 May 2007 04:05 pm

    Oh thanks!. I’m so glad you liked the bread. I’ll be sure to post the recipe as soon as I get my pictures downloaded. :)

  • Will

    16 May 2007 03:05 pm

    [c’est top] we say in french :”miam miam ” 😀

  • julie

    16 May 2007 07:05 pm

    Merci beaucoup, Will! Vive le fromage. 


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