Fig and Banana Smoothies

My friend K has the best backyard ever. She's got tons of fruit trees and her own little organic farm going on there. That's totally my dream, too bad I have an anti-green thumb. :( Never had much luck with the whole gardening thing, but definitely admire those that do. Last night, was my lucky night. She dropped off a whole bag of goodies including these beautiful figs. Figs have a sweet earthiness that I absolutely adore. They're very versatile, being excellent in both savory and sweet dishes. This morning I decided to go the sweet route by making myself a pre-yoga smoothie. A perfectly light meal full of vitamins, protein and anti-oxidants. The perfect way to start your day.

Fig and Banana Smoothies
2 frozen bananas
6 figs
3/4 cup of Vanilla Soy Milk 
3/4 cup of fresh squeezed Orange Juice
Give it all a whirl in the blender. Pour and serve.
Serves 2


  • niji

    11 Aug 2007 06:08 pm

    [this is good] It looks good!!!!

  • Jeff D

    11 Aug 2007 07:08 pm

    I’ve never been a huge fan of figs but man does that look good.

  • airmouse

    12 Aug 2007 06:08 pm

    You are so lucky to have a nice friend who gives you fresh figs!  I ate my first fresh fig when I was in my twenties, and it was love at first bite.  Just recently I shelled out approx. $2 per fig at a farmer’s market, took them home and had them with prosciutto (paper-thin slices wrapped around quartered figs, nothing else needed).  Heavenly!  

  • JoJo

    12 Aug 2007 07:08 pm

    [this is good] Beautiful photographs and the smoothie sounds delicious

  • Nancy

    12 Aug 2007 11:08 pm

    This is a great idea.  I’ve been looking for other ways to use figs.

  • Roe

    13 Aug 2007 09:08 am

    That looks so delicious! Love the photos.

  • Poignant Reconciliation

    13 Aug 2007 11:08 am

    [this is good]


    Thanks for sharing. My parents get about 4 groves of figs a year and they will eat straight from the tree. I see you have a pic of white and purple figs…curious if you used both or just one kind…also do you leave the skin on or off of the figs when blending?

  • Patricia Scarpin

    13 Aug 2007 01:08 pm

    Wouldn’t I be so happy with a delicious drink like this right now? :)

  • kristina

    13 Aug 2007 03:08 pm

    [c’est top] Jules, how delicious of you! i may have to blend up a fig smoothie for dinner tonight.

  • julie

    15 Aug 2007 07:08 am

    Thanks, Niji! :)

    Hi Jeff! Don’t the figs give the smoothies a beautiful pink color. I love the way they look with the little specks of skin in ’em.

    Airmouse… they are a bit pricey in the fruit universe, but well worth it once in a while. I love figs with proscuitto/bacon. Mmmm

    Thanks Jojo!  Working on this blog has made me really get into photography, too. That compliment means a lot to a newbie like me. :)

    Hi Nancy, Thanks for stopping by. My next fig project will be either a chutney or a cobbler.

    Thanks, Roe. You’re too sweet.

    Hi Redhead… I used both kinds, though I think the Mission ones are better for eating since they’re sweeter. I left the skins on for a no fuss prep, but also thought the little specks of green and purple were pretty. Your parents are so lucky… fruit trees are the best.

    Patricia! You’re such a sweetie. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    Kristina… thanks so much for all the goodies. The figs are awesome! I actually had some for breakfast this morning.


  • cobalt_blue

    18 Aug 2007 11:08 am

    [this is good] Sweet, sweet jesus. You have the best food blog ever.

  • julie

    18 Aug 2007 12:08 pm

    Aww shucks, cobalt_blue! *blush*  

  • Andrew

    20 Sep 2008 06:09 pm

    Awesome. I’m going to have to try this.

    Also, check out my Banana smoothies recipes:


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