Goat Cheese Polenta with Chard

Here is our Saturday lunch. I cheated this week and hit up the Saturday Farmers Market on the Promenade. Our kitchen was so depleted of food, I had to at least pick up a few essentials, like onions, garlic and of course, swiss chard. This particular bunch was a mix of swiss and red chard. Perfect – I'm always trying to diversify my food portfolio.
I've really been into caramelizing onions the last few weeks. It is amazing the way the slow cooking transforms the taste. Besides all that, they make your house, or apartment in my case, smell insanely good. For this meal, I added a whole caramelized onion to polenta to give it another layer of flavor. I added chives for their mild onion flavor, in order to compliment the sweetness of the caramelized onions without being overpowering. Next, I crumbled about a quarter of a log of tangy herbed goat cheese into my polenta. Topped it all off with chard, that I had simply sauted with garlic. Here's to a healthy and tasty lunch.

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