Happy Birthday, Mer!

What better way to honor a crock pot giving sister's birthday than with a chocolate crock pot cake? It's the gift that keeps on giving. :) I didn't know it was possible and I still don't really understand the science behind this magical dessert. Simply spread the batter on the bottom of a greased crock pot, sprinkle with brown sugar and chocolate powder and then top it all with hot water. NO stirring! After two hours on high, out comes a moist chocolate cake surrounded by a moat of chocolate pudding/sauce. Warm, gooey with a rich chocolate flavor. Are you drooling yet? I sure am.

Happy birthday, Mer! Hope it's the best. Sorry for the absence of candles, I just could fit ALL those candles on top (hehe).  😉


  • Purplesque

    25 Jan 2008 05:01 pm

    [this is good] I am So drooling..what a gorgeous picture.

  • Singing Horse

    25 Jan 2008 07:01 pm

    [this is good] Oh, this is a very nice twist.  A crock pot chocolate cake!  The photo looks gorgeous.  Happy birthday to your sister!

  • E&G

    27 Jan 2008 12:01 am

    [this is good] Wow, really wishing I owned a Crock Pot right about now!

  • sutherland

    28 Jan 2008 10:01 pm

    [this is good] Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the once deemed “Beef Stew Machine”.


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