Mung Bean Noodles with Kohlrabi & Yu Choy

    This week I'm back in the kitchen. Brock's been out of town for the past week and cooking for one just isn't any fun (hence the lack of blogging). I've managed to live off of popcorn, crackers and cheese for dinner, which I don't suppose would be all too interesting to blog about. I know it's terrible – I've even been scolding myself for my nutritionally deficient diet! Bad eater, bad, bad eater, but between working grueling hours at work this week and sleeping, there hasn't been much time left to create new recipes, and nobody to make them for anyways. :(  Well, B's back in town tonight, yeah! My stomach thanks him. Poor thing has been so confused all week.
    I whipped up some mung bean noodles (same kind used in spring rolls), julienned kohlrabi and sauteed yu choy for a quick bite tonight. Kohlrabi, in case you've never had it, is in the cabbage family and tastes very similar to broccoli stems. They impart a certain sweetness and a yummy crunch. Yu choy is an asian green similar to gai choy with its slight bitterness. The sweetness of the kohlrabi plays off the mild bitterness of the yu choy perfectly in this dish. The veggies were sauteed with thinly sliced garlic, minced ginger and red onions and simply seasoned with some sesame oil and soy sauce. Since the mung bean noodles cook in just a few minutes dinner was ready in a flash. A very good thing for my tummy. According to my tummy, you just can't beat a home cooked dinner.

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