Food + Art: Tofu of Kansas

Hey Food, meet Art. Hey Art, meet Food. Love at first sight. This is what your baby would look like.


I’m happy to share a recent project put out by Dan Rolf over at Sensitive House. Tofu of Kansas—packed with silken prose and poems (by Iris Moulton) and stunning photography (by Dan Rolf)—is a beautiful piece of soy exploration in the heartland of America. Two things very near and dear to my heart. I’m DIY tofu enthusiast and my mister is a Kansan. Also, I had a tiny sliver of a pinky involved in this grand project. If you check out the accompanying DIY tofu kit recipe (yes, this book is even interactive), you’ll notice that it was written by yours truly. I have to admit, I was pretty stoked to contribute.

Here’s a preview of the book, fresh off the tofu press.



They say the devil is in the details. How about those 44 hand-mounted color photographs and the soy foam cover? Now, that’s a good looking book.


It’s an edition of 250, so I highly recommend you check it out and I’m not the only one. They raved about it over at Trop too.

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