Travel Oregon: Boondockers Farm

Get ready for  a cute attack! I’m sharing a photo recap of my visit to Boondockers Farm–an extraordinary farm that’s doing good by preserving heritage breeds and heirloom seeds. Playing with farm animals is good for your soul, so I’m teleporting you via photos now:




The farm has seven Great Pyrenees dogs that protect and herd. These are such loyal, gorgeous creatures.




Farmers Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein and their Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets. I got to hand feed these guys (the pigs, not the farmers!) apples and almost died of happiness.




Beautiful dairy cows that come running when you call their names. They also love to get pets and give licks like dogs!







Learn more about Boondockers–and Farmers Evan and Rachel–in their recent Modern Farmer Interview and keep up with them on Instagram for daily cute attacks!



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