Weekend Review: Summer Loving

The weather’s getting warmer and the days are feeling longer. I’m loving it! Thanks to fourth of July festivities, last week felt like one long, and much needed, weekend. Here are a few highlights:

Jumping up and down in happiness (for fruit)!

Stone fruit season! I have a special place in my heart for stone fruits and especially plums. My parents had–still have–a Santa Rosa plum tree in their backyard. As a munchkin, I’d scale to the highest branch, surveil the neighborhood, and eat as many plums as humanly possible. The biggest, sweetest, ripest ones like to hide out at the top.  And they taste best when they’re freshly picked and quickly polished on your shirt. I’m heading up north this weekend, so I’d better brush up on my tree climbing skills.

The gems above are from the Sunday Mar Vista Farmers Market. It’s a nice, laid back market that I’m getting to know a bit better. They’ve got some good stuff, as you can see. I’d make a crisp or a pie, if I wasn’t gobbling them up so quickly.

Celebrating the launch of @themamacircle w/the lovely @chidichidi. Mamas & expectant mamas, check it out!

Summer is also the perfect time for al fresco dining and/or imbibing. To celebrate the launch of The Mama Circle, Erica and I sat out in her garden and had a bit of vino and snackies. She’s creating a great community for mamas and expectant mothers in Venice and I’m excited to be involved. (In the food aspect, naturally. I don’t know anything about being preggers.)

One of favorite things to do in LA. Picnic + movie night #pointbreak

Cinespia. One of my favorite things to do in all of LA. EVER! Old flicks and a picnic,  plus all the wine and booze you can haul in. We went for the Point Break showing (aw vintage hottie Keanu). Pro tip: I suggest arriving early and bringing a tarp to put underneath your blanket. That keeps the wetness from seeping through, just in case.

And speaking of al fresco dining, check out Sarah Sherman Samuel’s latest and greatest: A Sunny Afternoon Co. A whole line dedicated to picnicking. For reals, it is swoon-worthy and I need every single piece. The gal’s got impeccable taste and it shows. My Cinespia meal would have been infinitely cuter with a few walnut wood serving boards and pretty napkins.

The corner shop was out of Klondike bars... but this thin mint & pistacho gelato will do just fine.

Do you guys remember that Klondike Bar jingle from the 80s? What would you do-o-o for a Klondike Bar? I’ve had it stuck in my head all weekend–and a monster craving to boot. Well, the liquor store was out, so I “had to settle” for a double scoop of thin mint and pistachio gelato from N’ice Cream. Oh rats *wink*!

Happy summer loving and have a great week. xx

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  • Alex Cardo

    04 Feb 2014 10:02 am

    I’ve never seen that food looked so much appetizing in the pictures! What camera and lenses you used to make these photos?


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