Bloody Mary Bison Sliders

Originally, I had bought a pound of ground bison to make something called Kill 'em Quick! This is a recipe created by my co-worker Helene that is simply a scramble of portobellos, jalapenos and ground bison. I'm not sure why or how the catchy name came about, but the ingredients all sounded delicious and I was definitely into incorporating more lean protein into my diet. This was the original plan of execution, but things quickly changed once I surveyed all the bloody mary ingredients in my refrigerator. This past Sunday, my friend – and ex-bartender – Shilpa had treated us to some of her "secret" recipe bloody marys. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to weasel the secret out of her, but they were the perfect Sunday afternoon cocktails. So perfect in fact that they were my inspiration for dinner tonight. Instead of just scrambling the bison, as originally planned, I formed patties seasoned with horseradish, worschester sauce,  jalapenos and shallots.  My cast iron skillet cooked these puppies to medium rare (bison is so lean that it should never be cooked to well)  and onto a sprouted grain bun they went. How healthy of me, right? As for garnishes, tomato was a no brainer. You can't have a bloody mary without tomatoes. In popular slider fashion, I inserted the obligatory tangy cheddar cheese and sliver of fresh, crisp lettuce. I topped it with a jalapeno stuffed olive. For next time, I'm thinking a horseradish aioli would be a great addition. Bon appetit… or should I say cheers?!


  • MoOgooGuypAN

    16 Jul 2008 11:07 am

    Love it!  I’ve never tried Bison but I’m into trying new things.  Sliders are the perfect horsdeovers.

  • julie

    17 Jul 2008 11:07 pm

    If you like beef you love bison. Try it. Just take care in cooking it since it’s so lean that it can get dried out. 

  • Food Rockz Man

    18 Jul 2008 02:07 pm

    Where else could I find such booze-inspired food?  I love your creativity.

  • julie

    22 Jul 2008 06:07 pm

    I’m really more a lush than a foodie. 😉


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