Before we get acquainted, can we all agree that “About Me” pages are the worst to write? I’m kind of shy like that. It’s a middle-child thing.


About Julie’s Kitchen

I love delicious things. I love beautiful things. I love to create. I love to learn. This is where I share it and I hope you’ll join me.

About Food Collages

My food collages on Instagram started out as a way to showcase seasonal and local offerings from neighborhood farmers markets. It’s evolved into an ongoing project in the study of plant design, exploration of color theory, and pure, unadulterated food-love. Let’s be real–I like to play with my food. Thanks for letting me nerd out. Check out my Skillshare class to learn more about the inspiration, process and editing of the photos, here. Most of the the goods are from the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market. Oftentimes my urban garden. Sometimes a neighborhood forage. Never a store. Photos are shot with a Canon 6D or iPhone 5 in my teeny kitchen. It’s not a fancy set-up, but luckily, it catches quite a bit of natural light. Fine art prints of the food collages are available in the shop in 8×8, 8×10, and 12×12. Please contact me at for custom work or licensing quotes.

Behind the scenes + sneak peek... Still playing w/my food.

About Julie

Places I’ve lived: Stockton >> Los Angeles >> Stratford-Upon-Avon, England >> Lyon, France >>Los Angeles >>Bangalore, India >> Venice I’ll eat anything–at least twice. I’ve visited 20 countries and want to visit 20 million more. Apple fritters are my favorite doughnut. Nooks, crannies, and all, they are perfectly imperfect. For years I worked with numbers. Now I work with words. Right brain left brain ping pong is what I call this. I’m also available for freelance photography, styling, and consulting projects too. Other things I dig: bikes, pottery, yoga, hikes, coffee, backpacking, fermentation, urban gardens, composting. Connect on Instagram, Pinterestand Twitter @julieskitchen. Want to say hello or tell me about your favorite doughnut? Email julie (at) julieskitchen (dot) me.


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    11 Apr 2013 07:04 am

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  • Suzenna

    05 Jun 2013 05:06 pm

    Love your work. Ever think about using your designs for fabric. They are perfect for that. In my younger days, I used to design/manufacture clothing and had a small boutique – I would have killed for fabric with your designs.

    • julieleecooks

      12 Jun 2013 04:06 am

      Thank you Suzenna! That is one of the sweetest things anybody has ever said. Working on getting prints done, but we'll see what else is in store. :)

  • Sheila

    18 Jun 2013 02:06 pm

    As a foodie, huge lover of apple fritters (they are my favorite doughnuts too!), and graphic designer, I admire your work. Very beautiful and inspirational.

    • julieleecooks

      18 Jun 2013 04:06 pm

      Thanks, Sheila. I appreciate you!

  • Artur

    29 Jun 2013 02:06 pm

    Your work is very inspiring! Love it. Keep doing it well and never stop exploring!

    • julieleecooks

      02 Jul 2013 08:07 pm

      Thank you--such kind, encouraging words!

  • Ashley M

    15 Sep 2013 05:09 am

    I would love to purchase your prints. When will they be available? Thanks for the beauty you create.

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    16 Nov 2013 09:11 am

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  • Ammera

    18 Nov 2013 07:11 pm

    Julie, it’s Ammera from high school! What a pleasant surprise to find you on Daily Candy this morning! Love your photos!

  • Cassandra

    18 Jan 2014 11:01 pm

    Hi Julie! You’re photos are such a nice treat on my Instagram feed. So beautiful! If you’re ever in Toronto, I’m part of a group who has created 8 gardens in the heart of the city at Ryerson University. Ones on a rooftop and we also do our own composting.Come visit us! -Cassandra

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    13 Feb 2014 08:02 am

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  • sian rees

    06 May 2014 10:05 am

    Hi Julie – I am an art print publisher based in London.
    Love the work!
    Please contact me if you are interested in offering open editions of your work in UK + Europe and I can tell you more,
    Best Wishes

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  • Kaiti

    28 Jul 2014 08:07 pm

    “For years I worked with numbers. Now I work with words. Right brain left brain ping pong is what I call this.”

    HOw did you do this? I want to do it too! I came across your blog via Design Sponge and it is a feast and celebration for the eyes – I love it, and I will definitlely be purchasing some prints soon :)

  • Katie

    24 Oct 2014 03:10 am

    Hi Julie,
    Awesome and lovely work! I found out about you from Skillshare. Ever thought about printing the photos as postcards? I participate in worldwide postcard exchanges and I know that people would Looove to receive these kind of postcards and collect them all. Just a thought. Otherwise, really cute work. I just followed you on instagram.

  • patrice

    05 Nov 2014 10:11 am

    hello, my name is Patrice and I am a big fan of your work. At school we have to find out about an artist that we like, could you give me a few details about your work. for example; camera, lens anything that you think would be appropriate#

  • Aimee

    18 Nov 2015 10:11 am

    dear Julie we are writing to you to ask about some more information on your personal approach towards making your work. some of the questions are
    what is your background, where did you study?
    where did you get your inspiration from?
    and not specifically but where about do you live?

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