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Tongal, September 2018

Grazia Magazine France, April 2016

NY Mag The Cut, February 2016

CBS Los Angeles, February 2016

Eating Well, January/February 2016

Allure, December 2015

Anthology, Summer 2015

Oprah, July 2015

Direct Marketing News, July 2015

Refinery 29, July 2015

Food Network, June 2015

Shape, June 2015

Mundo Flaneur, June 2015 (Argentina)

AnOther Magazine, June 2015

Elle Japan, May 2015

Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine, June 2015 (feature)

Donna Hay, Summer 2015 (back cover ad)

Saveur Magazine, May 2015 (back cover ad)

AneCan Magazine, May 2015

Cocina Semana, May 2015

Refinery 29, April 2015

Martha Stewart, February 2015

PureWow, January 2015

Domaine Home, January 2015

Vogue, August 2014

Lifehack, August 2014

Design Sponge, July 2014

MTV Canada, June 2014

Business Insider, June 2014

People, June 2014

Smitten Studio, June 2014

Design Taxi, May 2014

Design Work Life, May 2014

Cocina Semana Magazine, April 2014
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The Chalkboard, April 2014

Huffington Post, March 2014

Daily Candy, January 2014

BBC Food, January 2014

Vanity Fair, January 2014

SAVEUR, January 2014

Hither and Thither, January 2014

Free People, December 2013

BuzzFeed Food, December 2013

Daily Candy, November 2013

Domaine, November 2013

Refinery 29, November 2013

Cupcakes and Cashmere, October 2013

Elle Decoration, October 2013

The Daily Edge, September 2013

The Relish, August 2013

oh joy!, July 2013

So, How Was Your Day?, July 2013

The Kitchn, July 2013

The Kitchn, July 2013

The Independent, June 2013

Residence Magazine, June 2013
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Fine Dining Lovers, May 2013

WestEast Mag, May 2013

The Fox is Black Desktop Wallpaper Project, April 2013

Trendland, April 2013

BuzzFeed Food, February 2013

The Fox is Black, January 2013

Lovely Morning, November 2012


  • Dylan

    01 May 2015 12:05 pm

    Hi there, I’m currently an art student on the art foundation course. I am creating a piece of work for my FMP on migraines. This is a tumblr I have just started to use so not much work is on it yet but its a tiny bit to show what I do. I was going to ask if its okay if I can make a piece on all the foods related to migraine triggers in a similar style to your work so soy sauce, mozzarella, feta cheese, different aged meats, chocolate and wine. I really like your style and think it could be quite interesting to have what looks like random items but are actually linked to migraines. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    All the best,

    Dylan Burnside

  • Nicholas

    15 Nov 2015 11:11 pm

    Hello Julie!

    My name is Nicholas Platt and I’m a journalist based in New York. I recently came across your instagram account on food. I would love to feature your photo of a cocktail made of food on my blog Cultural Facts of the Day. I’m doing a posting on the origins of cocktails and I think your photo would be a fun piece to share.

    I will of course tag any page that you wish me to link to. Would it be ok to use this photo?

    All the Best,


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