Crashing an Indian Wedding

Ever since I watched Monsoon Wedding, I’ve wanted to go to an Indian wedding. I find all the traditions, rituals and elaborate decorations so fascinating! Plus I really wanted to dress up in a traditional Indian sari. It was just our luck that Gopi’s sister is a wedding planner and was throwing a wedding at the Bangalore Palace tonight. Here we are walking up to the entrance flanked by the wedding party’s flower strewn cars.

Indian weddings are huge. I think this one had over 1,000 guests. I don’t even know that many people.

Lovely fruit and vegetable sculptures. I love the crocodile constructed out of bitter melon and the penguin made out of eggplant. Genius!

Food and sweets were abundant.

I had a bit of sari envy. Even though I loved the navy blue sequined one that Gopi’s friend let me borrow, some of the ladies there had the most gorgeous silk saris, topped off with the most stunning gold jewelry.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early to take a conference call from the U.S., but before we left, they gave us a coconut for good luck.


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  • susan

    19 Nov 2010 04:11 am

    how fun! you look so cute. oddly enough, when i went to the library bar at the roosevelt there was an indian wedding in the main lobby area. so festive and with lots of dancing. looked really fun.


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