Happy Birthday Becky Salad!

If you've been reading my blog for the past year (since the start), you might remember me doing birthday posts for each of my three sisters. A flour-less chocolate cake for Becky (3rd), vanilla cupcakes with Valrhona buttercream for Jenny (4th) and a crock pot cake for Maria (1st). As you may have deduced, I'm the second child and you might even start to question my father's sanity. My poor father. Even our dog is a girl. Imagine the chances of that happening.

Well this year I've decided to dedicate a savory dish. This one is for Becky whose birthday is today. Happy birthday dear! Growing up, she was quite an astute and sensitive child declaring herself a vegetarian at the ripe old age of eight. Eight! My mother continued to cook the way she always had and after a while Becks caved in to the omnivore's diet. One must eat more than just a bowl of white rice for dinner. Even though the bout of vegetarianism was short-lived, she certainly has retained her empathy for animals and consequently will be starting her first year at vet school this fall. Congratulations Becky and damn you for taking all the smart, studious genes of the family! :)

When I was brainstorming a dish to dedicate, something vegetarian was obvious. I wanted to make her a salad that she would love. I picked up a trio of beets at the FM: Golden, Chioggia and your basic red beets. I roasted the beets until tender and dressed them in a dressing flavored with buckwheat honey. I also shelled some snap peas for extra sweetness and crunch. Creamy, sliced Zutano avocados also graced this salad and if you guys can find these, get as many as you can. Zutano avocados have the silkiest, creamiest texture. For a salty contrast, I crumbled a lovely Bulgarian feta and spooned a bit of olive tapenade on the side. I garnished with chopped parsley.

Happy birthday, Becks! No animals were harmed in the making of this dish. Aren't you proud of me?


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