Mosambi Juice from Herbs & Spice

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about restaurants in India, it’s that they love their juices. Every restaurant I’ve gone to has an extensive beverage list chalk full of fresh juices and mocktails. Claire and I went on our own little foot tour of Bangalore today, to help us get our bearings straight, and stopped by Herbs and Spice, a modern-looking cafe on the top floor of The Collective. Though I’m usually more of a bottled water drinking kind of girl, I also love trying new things. That’s the fun of being in a different country. There’s always something new, or at least new to me. When I saw mosambi (sweet lime) juice on the chalk board menu, I thought to myself, “I don’t know what it is, but I want it!” I quizzed the waiter about it immediately and he was nice enough to show me the green-rinded citrus fruit before I ordered a glass. The verdict: It was very similar to pulpy, frothy orange juice, but a little sweeter since they spike it with added sugar. Next time I’ll be sure to ask for less/no sugar, since it would have been nice to retain some of the natural tartness of the fruit.  Well you learn something new everyday don’t you?

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