Roasted Yellow Carrot Soup with Avocado, Corn & Beet Salsa

Making vegetable stock has become somewhat of a weekly ritual for me. The increased frequency is in part due to a tip from Bourgeois Bee. He told me that he uses his carrot tops for stock. And though I enjoy eating the carrot tops, it's more of a once in a while, not a weekly sort of thing for me. Hooray for more stock ammo!

With stock production at its peak in Julie's Kitchen and the Lakers-Celtics series going on, there couldn't have been a more perfect time to entertain. I always like starting with something light to awaken the taste buds. Sometimes it's a salad. This night is was a soup. I roasted a bunch of yellow carrots to concentrate their sweetness and add a nice brown caramelization. That equals more flavor. When you are making a vegetable puree sort of soup, the more sophisticated and complex your flavors are the better. Simple ingredients are great. Simple flavor is not. Under season your stock and your guests will wonder why you are serving them mushy baby food! Ick! 

Another way to keep the flavor of simple soup from falling flat, is garnish. A nice pop of flavor. Contrast is key. You've heard of people eating watermelon with salt, right? My parents have been doing this forever. As a child this idea seemed a bit alien to me. Now I love mine with a sprinkle of fleur de sel. There is no sweetness without saltiness. Since these carrots were amazingly sweet, I wanted to accentuate their earthiness with a salsa made with roasted beets, yellow corn, Fuerte avocados and red peppers spritzed with lime juice. This lent a nice touch of acid and sweetness. This soup was well received by both Lakers and Celtics fans alike.


  • Purplesque

    19 Jun 2008 09:06 pm

    [this is good] That looks delicious.

    May I suggest watermelon with rock will never be the same again.

  • bb

    20 Jun 2008 08:06 am

    Glad the stock tip worked. I’ve been swimming in stock lately too.

    This soup looks great and the salsa really takes it to the next level. I love the inclusion of roasted beets! I’m going to have to try something similar soon. Thanks for the inspiration and for keeping soup out of the mushy baby food category.

  • MoOgooGuypAN

    20 Jun 2008 05:06 pm

    Your really into corn this week.  How in the world do you get all these recipes and make them look so pretty? 

  • Food Rockz Man

    27 Jun 2008 07:06 am

    Sounds/looks very southwestern-y and delicious.  I love the idea of plopping some salsa in the middle of a bowl of soup.  Did you serve this hot or cold?  As the temps here in DC hover in the mid-to-upper 90s, I’ve been in a cold soup mood as of late.  I bet this would be awesome cold.  I might have to try something along these lines this weekend.

  • Singing Horse

    27 Jun 2008 10:06 pm

    [this is good] All the ingredients sound great!  I love the contrast in the soup.  Who doesn’t?  Thanks a lot for sharing the vegetable stock tips!  I learned something new from you again.

  • julie

    30 Jun 2008 05:06 pm

    I gotta order me some of that rock salt. Looks like life is about to change. :)


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