Russian Kale Wheatberry Salad

After watching the screening of "Eat at Bill's" last night, I was craving some farm-fresh produce. They had whet my palate with an assortment of cherries, apricots and tangerines post-screening – quite suiting for a documentary on seasonal foods and local agriculture! I walked home, since the theater was close by, and immediately started pulling out my farmers' market bounty. Hearty Russian Kale contrasted with sweet, fresh corn would tantalize and satisfy all of my taste bud cravings. I thought back to the cup or so of wheatberries that I had tucked away in a drawer. Being a home cook, it is a constant battle to use up ingredients before they go rancid. Those wheatberries were saying, "Use me".  A salad of kale, corn and wheatberries with tons of basil and parsley mixed in sounded just right for the evening.
And I could have just had that, but B was feeling a tad under the weather. He kept saying, "my tha-woat hurrts." Poor guy. There's nothing like a steamy soup to soothe a raw throat, right? Since I had a huge batch of homemade vegetable stock in my refrigerator, I simply sauteed some squash and tomatoes and pureed it with the stock. Having stock on hand makes homemade soup quick and easy and keeps colds at bay.


  • MoOgooGuypAN

    10 Jun 2008 12:06 am

    How do you think of this stuff?  I’ve never heard of Russain kale wheatberry salad.  Of course, Hawaii doesn’t have many Russian eateries.  Wanna open a restaurant here?  LOL.

  • Food Rockz Man

    10 Jun 2008 11:06 am

    Both dishes sound delicious and healthy.  I particularly love your wheatberry salad as a nutritious cold summer dish.  Cheers to you and your on-the-fly cooking! 

  • Yeehaw Murghi

    12 Jun 2008 07:06 pm

    [this is good] That soup looks wonderful…

  • Purplesque

    12 Jun 2008 07:06 pm

    [this is good] I want to beg, Julie, please, may I come over for this soup and salad meal? I promise to behave and clean my plate.

  • White On Rice Couple

    22 Jun 2008 01:06 pm

    I love this already when you’re adding “tons of basil and parsley”! Wheat berry? Totally new to me, i’m gonna research this more. Thanks!
    Hope your throat is feeling better!


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