Spicy Pickled Carrots

These spicy, taco stand-style, pickled carrots are so good that you’ll want to plan a whole meal around them.

Equal parts white vinegar and water make up this brine, along with a few bay leaves, garlic cloves, onion slivers and halved Serrano peppers. I used fresh, young carrots from the farmers’ market. You know the baby ones with their tops still on. These come in the perfect size. Don’t you dare throw those tops away. They make an excellent addition to vegetable stocks.

I simmered my peeled carrots in the brine until they were cooked but still really crunchy. They will continue to cook a bit as the brine cools. Once at room temperature, transfer your jars to the refrigerator to chill. I couldn’t resist eating a few that night, but I think they were best after a few days. Refreshing, crunchy and spicy these were great just out of the jar. B and I also cut these up into slivers for sandwiches and used them in place of pepperoncinis/pickles. Delicious!



  • Singing Horse

    04 Apr 2009 05:04 pm

    [this is good] Wow, these pickled carrots do look really good!  I’ve never had pickled carrots before.  I love the sound of this.  Thanks for sharing the method!

  • blackmanos

    06 Apr 2009 08:04 pm

    [this is good]


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