Spicy Squid & Kale Stew

I love the way a steaming bowl of stew warms you up from the inside out. Our recent bout of rainy weather was the perfect time to make something super spicy, steamy and flavorful. I drew inspiration from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook – which I am totally LOVING by the way. Judy Rogers has a recipe for a red wine squid stew which sounded yummy. All the recipes in her book sound yummy and I'm having fun cooking and eating my way through it. I followed her technique of simmering the squid for about 45 minutes after a quick flash in the pan. I added a few fresh thai chilis, roasted Korean chilis, diced broccoli stem, carrots, kale, parsley and basil. I served it with toasted ciabatta and finished it with a drizzle of O jalapeno lime olive oil and some more fresh herbs.

Whether curled up on the couch catching up with your tivo (like me), or cooking for a fancy V-day dinner, this stew hits the spot. The squid comes out super tender and the liquid is spicy and perfect for being soaked up by some crusty bread.

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  • Pierre

    11 Feb 2009 05:02 pm

    [c’est top] Nice photo!

    You make me so hungry…
    Hopefully I come back home in a few days!

    See you soon.
    (for information, this post is 2 times in the RSS feed …)

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